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The coreplus Newsletter #97 - May 2023
The coreplus Newsletter #97 - May 2023

Our overall update for everything that happened this month

Updated over a week ago

Bringing you a wrap-up of product development, improvements, new features, updates, and more. Let's get into it!

✔️ Same day delete function on Medicare claims now available!

You can now prevent a claim from going through to Medicare by the same day delete function. This will prevent the claim from being processed and rejected by Medicare. Learn how to do it here now.

✔️ Missing suburbs for postcode 4301 and 2640 are now added in coreplus

To our Queensland and NSW friends, you can rest assured that suburbs Redbank and Glenroy are now reflected in postcode 4301 and 2640 in all your accounts!

✔️ More specialties added

Educator and Key Worker specialties are now added to the list under User Profiles so that you can map appointment types to these specialties.

🐛 Accessing the Client Portal on mobile is now working as expected
A bug has been fixed that caused a "practitioner schedules data not found" error when using the client portal on their mobile phone.

Success Tip
Patient Plus - Creating digital tools for your practice's efficiency

If you haven't had the chance to take a look at our suite of add ons, then I want to introduce to you our most recent integration - PatientPlus!

PatientPlus is a product that allows you to create fully customisable digital patient registration forms. Some of its features include:

  • Sync Emergency/Family Contact Details: You can sync emergency and family contact details directly into coreplus. This ensures that you can quickly reach out to the right contacts when needed, promoting better patient care and peace of mind.

  • Fully Conditional Data Capture: Their fully conditional form feature allows you to create dynamic questionnaires e.g DASS21 that adapt based on the patient's characteristics. For instance, depending on the patient's age, specific fields will be revealed, ensuring a comprehensive data capture process.

  • PDF Summary Attachment: Automatically generate a PDF summary containing all the relevant details, including questionnaire results. This will be conveniently attached to the files section in coreplus, making it easy for you to access and refer to whenever required.

    Learn how you can get started today here.

Reimagining Health Podcast

Creating new assessment & training revenue streams - Andrew Lemon (Strength by Numbers)
Part 2 of 2

On the last episode, Andrew Lemon spoke about, focussing on customer success and combining healthtech devices with enhanced objectively measured clinical engagement models to drive clinical outcomes and healthcare business success. In today’s part 2, we pick up from where we left off by talking more about how AxIT helps health & fitness professionals provide higher levels of service options & support whilst increasing clinical engagement & adherence.

Help from our Customer Support Team

💬 Start a live chat by logging into your coreplus account and click on the '?' button on the bottom left and click 'Live Chat' or simply go to our website and click on the cha bubble bottom right.

💻 You can also check out our website 'Contact Us' page for more contact details:

🧑‍💻 Schedule an online screen-sharing session here (an online session with a support team member, either 15, 30, or 45 mins with a link to join emailed shortly before the session).

🎓 Our Basic Training video is a great intro to get new users of coreplus and new members of your practice up to speed or for anyone looking to get a bit of a refresh - watch it here.

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