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Apply a same day delete on Medicare claims
Apply a same day delete on Medicare claims

This article will show you how to prevent a claim from going through to medicare by deleting it

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It is very common to enter wrong information while submitting a claim to Medicare. Often, users don't realise their mistake until the claim has been sent to Medicare. But with our 'Same day delete' function, you can delete a claim after the invoice has been finalised and submitted. It prevents the claim from being processed and rejected by Medicare. This article will guide you through the process of applying a same day delete on Medicare claims.

πŸ›‘ Same day delete doesn't work on claims that have MEDICARE ASSESSED status. In this case, you'll need to reach out to Medicare on their eBusiness number (1800 700 199) and have them delete the claim manually

πŸ›‘ It's not possible to resubmit the same claim after applying a same day delete. You'll need to create a new invoice and then submit the claim to Medicare

Applying a Same day delete

1. From the Dashboard, search for the client and go to their file

2. Go to the Invoicing section in the client's file

3. Next to the invoice, click Actions > PCI/BB/DVA based on the type of claim it is

4. Click on Same day delete and select an option from the drop-down to finalise

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