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Redirect your snapform to the Client Portal
Redirect your snapform to the Client Portal

Redirect your Snapform to the Client Portal

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Snapforms enables you to create and send out digital forms that your patients can fill out and once completed, will be automatically uploaded to their client files page.

You will need to have an account setup with Snapforms in order to link with coreplus, as well as a form already created.

You will need to have the client portal set up so you have a valid URL to redirect to.

Once this is done you can then redirect the form to our client portal

In this article we will discuss:

Where to find the Client Portal URL

1. Go to Setup > Add Ons > Client Portal > Your Bussiness Details

2. Under choose a client portal URL

3. Select Copy to Clipboard to copy the URL

4. Copy the URL

Redirecting the Snapform to the Client Portal

1. Go to Setup > Settings > Forms

2. Select the desired Snapform
​3. Select Actions > Edit > Form Settings > Confirmation

4. Select > Send users to a different web page after they submit the form

5. Paste the Client Portal's URL in the Redirect URL section

6. Select Save

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