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The coreplus Newsletter #74 - 24th January 2022
The coreplus Newsletter #74 - 24th January 2022

Our update for everything that happened the last fortnight

Updated over a week ago

Bringing you a wrap-up of product development, improvements, new features, updates, and more. Let's get into it!

🚀 NEW: SimpleSet exercise software now integrates with coreplus!

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with SimpleSet! Say hello to the most effective way to teach therapeutic exercise and improve your client outcomes. With this integration, you get to:

  • Build your own personalised and professional programs using SimpleSet’s unique drag and drop interface (it’s intuitive and super efficient!)

  • As you assign an exercise to your client in SimpleSet, a PDF copy of the exercises automatically syncs over to the client’s record in coreplus (magic!)

  • With just one click you can access a client’s SimpleSet record straight from their coreplus record.

    Read about the full release on our blog or check out here on how to get started now!

😀 Edit icon on the Client Overview page
Your client's overview page now has an Edit icon to easily edit the details on that page without needing to click on "Details/Referrers". This is so you can save time by quickly adjusting your client details.

😀 Addition of Client Vaccination Status placeholder in Letter Writer
Your client's vaccination status can now be inserted as a placeholder when generating a letter and in your letter templates.

😀 Users to be able to remove images in Letter Writer
A supervisor and a user with defined permission should now be able to remove images from the letter template image tool so that they can manage this section and clear out images if no longer required.

🐛 Date on Admin Notes

A bug has been fixed that caused the date of the saved admin note to default on the current date instead of the selected date. The bug only appears to happen on Safari or on Mac users.

🐛 Billable box not ticked from Client Portal bookings
We have rectified a bug that caused the appointments made via the client portal to come through as unticked billable. Previously, these appointments came through automatically as ticked billable.

🌟 PRACTICE HAPPY COMMUNITY NEWS Precision Health Alliance Clubhouse
Following on from our webinar with Dr. Cam McDonald from Precision Health Alliance last week, we have opened a special clubhouse that you can join if you would like to learn more about how you can use epigenetics in your practice. The clubhouse will be open for the next 4 weeks, so don't miss the opportunity to ask any questions you have and connect with the Precision Health Alliance team.** Watch out for the replay of ‘The Personalised Health Revolution’ webinar, it will be posted in the community very soon.

📅 Event: Next Practice Happy Tute
** PRACTICE HAPPY COMMUNITY MEMBERS-ONLY EVENT**“Practice Contingency Checklist” with Dr. Emma Decicco from The Dash Health Hub on Monday 21st Feb. Join Dr. Emma Decicco (Co-Owner and Clinical Director of The Dash Health Hub), the guest presenter for our next Practice Happy Tute to learn why a contingency plan is so important and how to create one for your practice using The Dash Hub’s Practice Contingency Checklist.

✔️ Tip from the team
Easily access your account on your desktop or mobile device! Adding a shortcut to your home screen makes accessing coreplus just a single tap away.

☎️ Help from our Customer Support Team
Need help? The Customer Support Team is here to help you practice Happy. You've got a few avenues of support to choose from:

  • Start a live chat by logging into your coreplus account and click on the '?' button on the bottom left and click 'Live Chat'

  • Schedule phone support by clicking here (a call from our support team, either 15, 30, or 45 mins)

  • Schedule an online screen sharing session here (an online session with a support team member, either 15, 30, or 45 mins with a link to join emailed shortly before the session).

🎓 Become a coreplus pro: Basic Training Video

We have transitioned from our weekly training session to this go-to basic training video. This is a great opportunity for new users of coreplus and new members of your practice to understand the basics of coreplus, or for anyone looking to get a bit of a refresh.

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