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core-y the Resolution Bot

If you have used the Live Chat feature of coreplus, you may have already met core-y!

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core-y is our coreplus resolution bot, He was launched in late 2020 to assist and support our community 24/7.

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Who is core-y?

core-y is our coreplus resolution bot, He is here 24/7 and will provide you with answers to our most frequently asked questions as well as links to any help guide articles you may need.

He may also ask you a few questions prior to one of our support staff taking over.

For example, If you are enquiring about an issue regarding a specific invoice, he will request the invoice number from you. This is something we will require and it improves the efficiency of the support team.

We are continually updating core-y to improve his efficiency and the quality of the answers you receive.

Contacting the Support Team

While core-y will be able to answer our most frequently asked questions, we understand there will be times when you will require one of our support staff's assistance.

You can contact us via Live Chat, Email or you can Schedule in Phone Support.

After clicking on Live Chat > Need Help you can also select the Chat with the Support Team box and one of our staff will reply typically within two minutes.

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