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Weekly Newsletter #48 - 31st May 2021
Weekly Newsletter #48 - 31st May 2021

Our weekly update for everything that happened last week

Updated over a week ago

Bringing you a wrap-up of product development, improvements, new features, updates, and more.

Let's get into it.

😀 A warning message now appears when saving duplicate Employer

You will now see a warning message when creating the same employer company name in the list so that you will not accidentally create duplicate records. You can check it out here and give it a try.

😀 'Lawyer' contact now included as an invoice recipient in the Appointment to Invoice Creator

Lawyer contact is now added to Appointment to Invoice Creator to batch invoice them from the list of generated appointments.

✔️ Tip of the week

Did you know we have an ideas portal for you to submit ideas, feature requests, or suggestions and also vote for the ideas of some of our users? With a voting system in place, you can influence the features we release! I highly encourage you to submit your own ideas as well as voting on others, to create an open suggestions platform for our coreplus community. You can also share it with your staff and ask them to vote as well. The more votes, the higher chance for it to be implemented! You can add them here.

🔔 A reminder that our integration with Teleconsult will be retired by close of business today. In our response to the pandemic last year, we wanted to be able to offer a free or low-cost telehealth solution to our customers. To achieve this, we pared back premium elements of Teleconsult and released it to our entire network: Telehealth by coreplus! Some helpful resources to get started with Telehealth by coreplus:

📹New Video!

Have you ever thought to yourself, why is the world like this? You’re not alone…bringing about change in the world of healthcare requires innovation. This can seem daunting when you’re sitting alone contemplating the change. In this episode, we extract a discussion between Yianni Serpanos and Megan Capriccio that breaks down why entrepreneurs and founders are key to driving initiatives that can improve healthcare for women and why it could just be you that leads to the next societal change needed. Megan Capriccio is a co-Founder FemTech Collective a network of entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals in the women's health tech industry that assist FemTech innovators to connect, collaborate, up-skill and create better products by accessing business support services & strategic global networks via the Collective. (

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