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Invoice populator

Details on how to use and add different populator templates.

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In an invoice, there is the option to use the invoice populator to instantly fill in details like service types, location, etc. Customers can create different populator templates.

This article includes:
​1. Create the template
​2. Use the template


Create the Template

1. From the Client's page, click on Invoicing, then click on Create Invoice

2. Click on the Edit button right beside the Invoice Populator feature, a box will pop up for you to add a new template or edit an old one

3. Click on Add New, fill in details like service types, location, etc, and then press on Save.

Use the template

1. From the Client's page, go to Invoicing

2. Click on Create Invoice

3. From the invoice populator feature, click on the dropdown arrow to select the template you want to use and then click on Save.

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