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Troubleshooting Xero

Find solutions for common Xero sync errors

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Sometimes invoices in coreplus can't be synced to Xero because of issues with the invoice, or how your integration is set up. This article will outline how to identify the issues and resolve them.

In this article we will discuss:

Identifying the issue

1. Go to Set up, then Add ons and Xero

2. On the Xero set-up page click View Sync History.

3. The Xero Sync History pop-up will show you the time of the sync and the number of the invoice that was synced. Status Notes will show OK, indicating the sync occurred without error or will show an error message that can help you identify the issue.

Error: Account code or ID must be specified

This error means that there is no account code your coreplus Xero set up. To resolve this error, update your coreplus Xero set up so that you have included a valid Revenue type account code and a Bank type account code in your set up. You can find the account codes and account types in Xero by going to Accounting, then Chart of Accounts. Once you have updated the codes, click Save Settings.

Error: Account code <number> is not valid

This means that the specified code that you entered in coreplus does not match any codes in your Xero chart of accounts. To resolve this error, change the code in your coreplus Xero set up, making sure you have added the code for a revenue type account in Revenue Account for Allocation of Invoices and the code for a bank type account in Bank Account For Allocation of Invoice Payments, then click Save Settings. Once the update is saved, contact us to request a manual sync.

Error: Account type is invalid for making a payment to/from

This means that the account code you've entered in Bank Account For Allocation of Invoice Payments is not for a Bank type account in Xero. To resolve this error change the code in Bank Account For Allocation of Invoice Payments to match the code for a Bank type account in your Xero chart of accounts (see images above for reference) and Save Settings. Once the update is saved, contact us to request a manual sync.

πŸ’‘ Code is an optional field for Bank type accounts in Xero. If your Bank type account does not have a code, simply click on the space where the code should be and add a code in the pop up. You can then add this new code to coreplus.

Error: Payments can only be made against authorised documents.

This error occurs when an invoice is reconciled in Xero (marked as paid) before the payment from coreplus is synced to Xero. That is, when coreplus tries to sync the invoice payment to Xero, it finds that the invoice has already been paid. To resolve this error remove the payment from Xero, then contact us to request a manual sync.

Error: Payment amount exceeds the amount due on this invoice

This means that the payment recorded on the invoice in coreplus is higher than the total owing in Xero. This error can occur when an invoice is adjusted in coreplus to a higher amount after it has been synced to Xero. To resolve this issue update the invoice in Xero to match the amount in coreplus, then contact us to request a manual sync.

Error: You have reached the limit of invoices you can approve

This error occurs when you're using the free version of Xero. Xero limits the number of invoices you can add per month. When you reach your limit, no more invoices will sync and you'll receive this error. To resolve this issue subscribe to Xero, then contact us to request a manual sync.

Error: One or more line items must be specified

This error occurs when a service type has been changed or deleted from coreplus. To resolves this error, go to the invoice, add a service type and save, then contact us to request a manual sync.

Error: An existing contact could not be found using the specified contact

This error can occur when conflicting information is present in Xero and in coreplus. To resolve this issue, first make sure there are no spaces before or after the clients name in coreplus and then update client.

This can also happen when the client has been archived in Xero. To resolve this issue, go into your Xero account and unarchive the client via Contacts > All contacts > Archived > click on the client > click Restore.

Error: The description field is mandatory for each line item

This error can occur when you use a special character (+ & % # () - ' | $) in the description for a service item or when a service item has only been partially entered. We recommend checking the invoice affected and the service item.

Error: Failed 10 times, will not sync again

If an invoice has failed to sync over to Xero 10 times, then it'll not sync again. This can happen due to manual syncs applied on other invoices with the same consultation date. Manual syncs are applied based on the consultation date, a manual sync applied for a particular consultation date will sync over all of the invoices from that date.

πŸ›‘ If the error still persists, it could be that the consult date is greater than 90 days in the past. To resolve this, create a 'test' invoice with the current date in coreplus then contact us to request a manual sync. If synced successfully, we can then manually sync the remaining invoices and then delete the 'test' invoices from Xero and coreplus.

πŸ’‘ coreplus will sync the original invoice and any payments to Xero, however, any fee changes to an invoice after it is first synced to Xero will not be synced. You will need to make the correction in Xero manually to ensure both systems are consistent.

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