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Linking a Snapform to coreplus

Integrate your Snapform with coreplus, and include it within your appointment reminder & email signature templates.

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Snapforms enables you to create and send out digital forms that your patients can fill out and once completed, will be automatically uploaded to their client files page.

πŸ“ You will need to have an account setup with Snapforms in order to link with coreplus, as well as a form already created.

This article includes:

Integrating your form to coreplus

1. Within Snapforms, access the Form Settings page, then Integrations & tick coreplus

2. Tick the relevant fields and adjust the Field mapping to match the Form & coreplus fields

3. Then click Save.

The list of coreplus fields that can be linked:

Linking your form to coreplus reminders

1. Now that your form is created and integrated, access the Form Publishing page and retrieve your form link.

2. Include the form link into either your Appointment reminder template or email signature.

πŸš€ Did you know that just like Snapforms, our Patient Plus add-on offers digital forms but with fully customiseable fields along with many other added benifits? Please, find out more about it here: Patient Plus

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