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😀 Saved 'Case Note' time and date stamp now showing in your timezone

All case notes entered from the 13th July 2020, will now reflect in your local user timezone! Case notes saved and finalised prior to this date, will remain with a time and date stamp in AEST.

😀 'Fund' details now included in data backup

The Client Details component of your data backup will now include two additional columns, Fund and Fund Number so that you can better identify and filter your client data.

😀 'Notes' from client overview now included in data backup

For those of you utilising the Notes 1 and Notes 2 section of the Client Overview in a client file: these notes will now be included as part of your data backup in the Client Data component.

😀 Client contacts now included in data backup

Contacts added to a client file (Employer, Insurer, Treaters) are now also part of your data backup in the Client Data component.

📰 New post from guest blogger Robert Buehrig: 'The essentials for digital healthcare transformation success'

This is a really great read considering the current healthcare climate. Those of you who have been thinking about the digital transformation of your practice (especially those of you who haven't!) this blog covers some great ideas as well as how to bring your team along for the ride.

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