Defining your client portal settings allows you to customise the portal features to suit your business needs.

📝 You will need to Enable your Client Portal before you can define settings

Business settings

Enable Client Portal: Once you have defined your Business & Booking Settings you are ready to enable your client portal.

Choose a client portal URL: Set the web address that your clients will visit to book their appointments. This is made unique by what is entered after 'au/' which you can choose yourself.

💡 Please be aware that in the client portal URL, you will not be able to have any special characters, this will return an error and you will not be able to proceed with the setup of your client portal. This also includes '&' and any variations such as '&'

Client portal branding: Brand your client portal by uploading your company logo, or select Use your business name to enter in your business name.

Booking page title: Enter in your title that will appear at the start of the booking form.

Phone number: You may like to add your practice contact number to appear on your portal should a client need to reach you.

Confirmation Policy: This will appear once a client has completed their booking.

Terms and Conditions link: If you have a Terms and Conditions page on your website, you can place a link to it here so that it will also appear on your Client Portal.

Privacy Policy link: Similarly to the Terms and Conditions link,  if you have a Privacy Policy web page you can place the link here.

💡 You can enable your client portal before having other parts of the setup complete, however the client portal will not be functional until other components are completed.

Booking Form settings

Standard form fields (mandatory): By default the fields for First name, Last name, Date of Birth, Email, and Mobile number will be required to complete the booking.

Optional Fields: Client Time Zone, Client Address, Medicare, Credit Card and Comments can be enabled and set as Mandatory for the booking.

Provide client forms/documents to download: Use this feature to provide your client with forms such as "consent forms" or "intake forms" for download ahead of their first appointment. You can add up to three files that can be downloaded by a client on the Details screen when booking online. Customise the text to your needs.

Allow clients to upload documents: Enable your clients the ability to upload their referral, completed form, or any further info you require from the patient prior to their appointment. The files will be included in their 'Files' page under a folder named Client Portal Uploads.
💡 You can use the download and upload documents options to load a intake form that the client can fill in and then upload back before completing their booking!

Booking Settings

Appointment lock-out: Define how soon a client can book an appointment. The number you set here ensures that clients will need to book at least that many days in advance.

Minimum notice for cancellations: Define the time-frame for how late a client can cancel their appointment.

Client's appointment confirmation: Your client will receive a confirmation email after they have booked their appointment through the client portal. This is where you specify what the email will state, or select Default email to use our default email template. 💡 For custom email templates, including Telehealth by coreplus appointments, you can now also use the telehealth placeholder to include the URL automatically!

Client's appointment reminder type: Specify the type of appointment reminder the client will receive prior to their appointment. This uses the same template that is already created in your SMS and email reminders for appointments.

Notify practitioner when booking is complete: Notify a practitioner when a client has booked an appointment with them.

Notify another person when booking is complete: Enter in a set email address that will be notified for each appointment that is booked, you can enter in multiple as well if you'd like to notify more than one person.

💡 If you do not want your clients to be able to cancel their appointments, either set   'Minimum notice for cancellations' to the maximum of 4 weeks, or select Custom Email as the appointment confirmation.

Theme settings

Primary & Header colour: Either select from the 3 preset colours, add in your hex code, or click the white dot to set your primary colour. Enabling 'Same as the primary colour' will set your header colour to the same colour as the Primary colour.

Add your Google Analytics code (optional): Enter in your Google Analytics code to track data through on Client Portal.

Booking Button settings

Choose a button size: Select the options for either Small (40px high) or Large (58px high).

Choose a colour: Select from the 3 preset colours, add in your hex code, or click the white dot to set your primary colour.

Button Text: Enter in your custom text to Display a custom message on the button itself.

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