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Release notes through 24/4/2019
Updated over a week ago

Updates to existing features

  • Adding or updating information in client's Injury/ Illness section will now appear in the events log in the client page

  • Referring doctor's title will appear in front of their name in the client overview page

  • Fixed: Referrer report did not provide accurate reporting when Client group filter was utilised. This has been fixed: Referrer report provides accurate reporting when client group filter is used.

  • Fixed: Some users where not able to delete referrals which are not linked to a valid referrer and get an error when they try to delete it. This has been fixed: referrals not linked to a valid referrer can now be deleted

  • Fixed: Fly-out menu did not display the correct age of a client when you hover over the name. This has been fixed: Now it displays the correct age of the client when you over the name.

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