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Release notes through 13/3/2019
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New features

Updates to existing features

  • Back end speed improvements on the calendar.

  • Fixed: The client portal would show no slots available if the practitioner was changed without selecting a date and time. This issue has now been fixed: Availability will appear (if the practitioner is available) when changing practitioners.

  • Fixed: Some account admin users were appearing as practitioners users on the calendar. This issue has been fixed: No account admin user will appear as a practitioner on the calendar.

  • Fixed: When managing a schedule or appointment on a mobile device, the save or update buttons could become hidden and inaccessible. This has been fixed: The buttons will now be accessible on any device you use.

  • Fixed: Some users may have received an error when generating the injury and illness report. This issue has been fixed: Effected users have been contacted and will be able to run the report once again.

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