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Getting started with Rehab Guru

Enable your Rehab Guru Add On

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Rehab Guru simplifies exercise prescription while offering numerous customisation options, which make each prescription fully branded and unique. It is made by specialists for specialists, so it is prepared for any obstacles in your day-to-day.

Rehab Guru is a leader in product innovation and user experience first. It is the only exercise prescription tool that works across desktop, laptop, iPhone, and Android, giving you the flexibility of working across all your devices.

Rehab Guru have also released a telehealth feature, with video call and scheduling. Read about it here!

Adding Rehab Guru allows you to:

  • Selectively import and sync your clients with coreplus

  • Deliver engaging rehab programs through from whichever device you choose to use, giving you the freedom to work in the clinic, on the gym floor, or on the move.

  • Give clients an engaging way of viewing their exercise program through our free client app. Additionally, you can track adherence, pain, and wellness.

This article includes:

1. Enabling Rehab Guru
2. Special offer for coreplus customers

Enabling Rehab Guru

1. Click on Setup, Add Ons and the Rehab Guru tile.

2. Select the Enable button, accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box and clicking I Agree

Special offer for coreplus customers

coreplus customers can subscribe to Rehab Guru and get 10% off the Rehab Guru Annual Plan.

To subscribe go to and enable your Rehab Guru add on for the discount to apply.

Follow this Rehab Guru guide to easily integrate your coreplus data with Rehab Guru 

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