Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as two step verification or MFA, adds an extra layer of security to your coreplus account, by requiring not only a password and username but also a code that is sent to the users mobile device. This ensures that the only people who can access your account are you and your users!

Once enabled, the next time you enter your username and password, a five digit code will be sent to your mobile number to validate the login.

💡 Only users of a Supervisor level of access can enable Two Factor Authentication
💡 When Two Factor Authentication is enabled for your practice, this will apply to all users within the account, Supervisors, Case Managers and Account/Admins
💡 SMS's are charged at the rate of your current pricing plan

To enable this feature on your coreplus account, just follow the below steps!

  1. From the Dashboard, click Setup and then Settings, from the Settings page, select Interface Settings, then click the Enable button.

2. Ensure all mobile numbers listed against the users are correct and then click Next

3. Type in the five digit validation code sent to your mobile and coreplus password then click Verify

4. Two Factor Authentication should now be enabled for your practice!

💡 Get a sneak peak to what your login screen will look like when 2FA is enabled!

📝What if I don't receive my MFA validation code?

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