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Setting up your account for Cliniq Apps
Setting up your account for Cliniq Apps

Setup your coreplus for use with Cliniq Apps

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Automate your patient communication, track your patient satisfaction and create reporting dashboards that enhance your existing coreplus reports.

Learn more about Cliniq Apps and how they can help your practice here.

This article includes:

Enable the add-on, and locate the API key

1. Click on Setup > Add ons > Cliniq Apps tile.
2. Click on Enable and agree to the Terms & Conditions
3. Copy the Access Token and add it to your Cliniq Apps account


📝 Cliniq Apps has a step by step guide that will walk you through the process of adding the Access Token to the account.

Publish your practitioner profile and select your specialties 

1. Navigate to Setup, then Settings
2. Click on User Profile
3. Select a Position for the Specialty list to appear
4. Select the Specialty and tick the Publish option

💡 You will need to select a Position for the Specialty list to appear.

💡 You might need to enter a mobile number and your coreplus password before being able to click Save

Map your specialties to your Appointment types

To ensure your calendar appointments will be connected with your specialty and appointment type so that these can be accessible to Cliniq Apps, please ensure that you have Mapped your Appointment Types to your Specialties.

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