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Selecting preferred payment methods

Set your preferred payment methods to apply to future invoices

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Setting your most preferred payment methods allows them to appear at the top of the payment method list when you are processing a payment on an invoice. This allows you to efficiently process payments and removes the need of scrolling through the payment method list to get to where you need! You can change or update your preferred payment methods at any time.Β 

In this article, we will discuss

πŸ›‘ Only users with Supervisor access are able to set preferred payment methods for an account.

πŸ’‘ Note that you can set your preferred payment methods via a new or existing invoice.

Navigate to the invoice

1. From the Dashboard

2. From any client's file, click Invoicing

3. Create a new invoice by selecting create an invoice or clicking on a pre-existing invoice number.

Receive Payment

1. Once you are in the invoice or have selected create and have filled in all the desired fields you can now receipt the payment.

2. Click the $ or Payment \ Auto Assign button under Billing Information to enter payment methods.

Selecting Preferred Payment Links

1. In this section you will now see an orange button called Preferences

2. Select your preferred payment methods via the tick box and click Save and close.

3. To view how your preferred payment methods appear, select the drop-down arrow in the Payment Method field.

πŸ’‘ You can change or update your preferred payment methods at any time by following this process.Β 

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