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Create a custom data template

Manage or extract your custom data sets to record more information about a client

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Custom data allows you to capture additional information about your clients which might not be recorded in the Details section. Custom data fields are based on free text responses and can also be extracted giving you an excel spreadsheet with all custom data entered into coreplus.

Please, follow the below steps to create a custom data template:

1. From the Dashboard, click on Setup then Settings
2. Click on Custom Data
3. Click on Create Custom Data
4. Set a name and the number of questions to ask, then click  Create
5. Fill out the questions, then click Finish

🚀 You can create custom data entry templates for clients to fill out with our Sanpforms integration. Please, give it a look here: Snapforms

🚀 With our Patient Plus add-on, you can create custom data entry templates just like Snapforms, and additionally, you can fully customise the fields on the templates. Please, see here to find out more about it: Patient Plus

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