Testing out your Client Portal before making it available to your clients will ensure you cover all the bases for your set up and give you the opportunity to experience what it is like to book an appointment with your practice online.

To test your Client Portal 

  • We recommend loading your Client Portal in a new web browser; and booking several appointments. Be sure to delete these later

  • Use dummy client names like 'Test Test' will help you confirm your appointment tests in your calendar later on

  • Confirm appointments are visible in your calendar. Client Portal bookings are marked with a small triangle in the top-right of the appointment block. 

  • You may feel like updating some settings (as listed above) to refine your Client Portal as you desire.

To publish your Client Portal 

  • You are ready to encourage your clients to use your Client Portal

  • We recommend adding a button to your website; labelled 'Book Online'

  • Contact your website administrator, web designer, or web developer for help

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