1. From our Dashboard, we navigate to Data > Batch Jobs. In the Invoicing section, click on Appointment to Invoice Creator

2. From this page, we can specify the date range of the appointments we want to create invoices for. The selection criteria allows you to narrow your search further. Tick the check box [Exclude invoiced appointments] to exclude appointments which already have invoices generated and then click Find Appointments to retrieve the appointments.

3.  Once you have specified your criteria, click Find Appointments to retrieve the appointments. Ticking the checkbox at the top, next to the label Date/Time, will select all appointments. Alternatively, you can tick only the appointments you want to generate an invoice for. Once you choose your appointments, click Next to proceed.

This section allows you to specify which services to bill, the recipient, template type and you can make additional notes on the invoice. Ticking the check box for Match to appointment will populate the practitioner field of the invoice with information from the appointment. Alternatively, un-tick the check box to assign a single practitioner to all invoices. Click the Create Invoices button to generate the invoices (you may need to affirm a browser notification confirming your actions)

💡 This feature only brings up billable appointments

💡 The generated invoices can be found within the individual client files

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