Process payment for a service that you've provided to your client, via a payment method of your choice.

You will need to create a new invoice before you can apply payment.

This article covers:

1. Apply payment to an invoice

2. Edit payment on an invoice

Apply payment to an invoice

1. From your client's file, click Invoicing, click on Actions then Edit for the invoice you would like to apply a payment to

2. Click on the $ button or Payment \ Auto Assign, enter the payment details, then click OK, finally click Update Invoice 

💡 You can also click on the invoice number to quickly edit the invoice.

💡The payment/auto-assign button will apply a payment to the total invoice, whereas the $ button will apply a payment to a single service type.

Edit payment on an invoice

1. With the invoice open, click on the $ button, then click on Edit, update the details, then click OK

💡Clicking delete instead of edit will delete the entire payment.

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