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Fill out a questionnaire

Fill out a questionnaire for a client's file

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Questionnaires allow you to create a list of questions and answers to ask a patient. The answers are multiple-choice and can be scored based on the points you allocate to each answer.

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Filling out a questionnaire

1. From the client's file, click on ClinicalΒ 
2. Click on Questionnaires

3. Select the questionnaire template you wish to fill out

πŸ’‘ You can also create a questionnaire template from the Manage Questionnaires button

4. Once the Questionnaire has been filled out, click Save to save the answers

5. The corresponding score will then be displayed with the result. Click Yes to save the results to the client's file

Viewing answers for a single clientΒ 

1. From the Clinical section on the client's file, click on Questionnaires
​2. Click View to download a CSV file with the questions and answers

πŸ’‘ You can open the CSV file with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers.

πŸš€ You can create questionnaires for clients to fill out with our Sanpforms integration. Please, give it a look here: Snapforms

πŸš€ With our Patient Plus add-on, you can create questionnaires just like Snapforms, and additionally, you can fully customise the fields on your forms. Please, see here to find out more about it: Patient Plus

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