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Getting started with Dragon Dictate
Getting started with Dragon Dictate

Learn how to use Dragon Dictate in coreplus for your clinical notes and various other tasks

Updated over a week ago

Tired of having to click on everything and type all your notes? You'll be glad to hear that coreplus is compatible with Dragon Dictate! Dragon Dictate can make life easier for you by minimising the need of clicking and typing, and instead using your own voice to write notes and perform tasks.

Dragon Dictate is a speech recognition software that relays voice commands, writes notes, and performs tasks according to the commands. Its speech to text feature allows you to just speak to the microphone and it'll replicate everything exactly as you said and type them automatically into coreplus. This way you don't have to spend time typing case notes, instead, you can just talk using Dragon Dictate and the note will be written for you automatically.

The video below demonstrates how Dragon Dictate can be used to perform different tasks in coreplus.

πŸ’‘ Please, note that the coreplus interface in the video is an old one but the functionality of Dragon Dictate is still the same

If you have further questions regarding how Dragon Dictate works, please feel free to visit their help centre to find out more: Help Centre | Dragon Dictate

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