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Uploading emails to your client files

Upload client emails to the client files

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Sometimes you will need to check previously sent emails or communication received from third parties. To streamline this process you can upload sent emails into the relevant client file.

πŸ’‘ This only works with the Outlook app

In this article we will discuss:

Setting up your email application

1. Find your App Store on your PC or Mac this can be done via the Window or Apple Icon on the bottom left corner of the screen

2. Once you have found the desired Email application (Outlook)

3. You can now follow the prompts for installation

4. Once the application is downloaded it will appear as an icon on your menu, desktop, or in the search menu.

Upload the email into the client file

1. From the Client List, select the client you wish to upload files into

2. Click on Files

3. Open your email application

4. Select the email you want to upload

5. Now drag and drop into the client's file

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