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Add your practitioners to your PRODA organisation
Add your practitioners to your PRODA organisation

Add more members to your organisation

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You can add practitioners or 'members' to your organisation in PRODA to access services or manage functions on behalf of your organisation.

Only members with the Employee-Management attribute can add new members.

If you want to add a member, they need their individual PRODA account.

To add a new member you will need their Registration Authority (RA) number and surname.

Please, follow the steps below to add practitioners to your PRODA organisation:

1. Once you're signed into PRODA, go to Organisations as per the below screenshot

2. Select your organisation

3. Click on Members and Add Member

4. Enter the PRODA RA (Individual) number and Surname of the person you want to add and then select Search

5. Make sure the User Details match the person you have searched

6. Select Add this member

7. Select Add this member again to confirm

8. You’ve added your member to your organisation in PRODA, and you can see their name in Members

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