Our Success Team is a group of experts who knows the ins and out of coreplus. We love helping customers new to coreplus understand how it can integrate into their practice, automate workflows, provide exceptional client experiences and help grow their businesses. You learn how to get full potential from your coreplus account with the Success Team. We are online and here for you from Monday to Friday 8:45am - 5:15pm (EST) via Live Chat, Email, or you can Schedule a Product Demo.

Live Chat

Simply log into your coreplus account, click on the Orange question mark icon in the bottom left corner and click on 'Live Chat':


Prefer to email us? No problem, you can reach us via success@coreplus.com.au

Schedule a Demo

During this session, we'll confirm your objectives and how you'd like to reach them, show you how you can get the most out of coreplus, and create a timeline for your next steps. You're also welcome to invite any of your team members into this call.

Simply access your coreplus account, click on the Orange question mark icon, and hit on "Book a Demo" to book a kick-off with us.

And of course, we understand that you want to have some answers to your burning questions right away. In these cases, please don't hesitate to contact us on live chat or email.

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