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Weekly Newsletter #50 - 14th June 2021
Weekly Newsletter #50 - 14th June 2021

Our weekly update for everything that happened last week

Updated over a week ago

Bringing you a wrap-up of product development, improvements, new features, updates, and more.

Let's get into it.

🖥️ coreplus API now includes new client details values

For API developers, new client details values such as Gender, Pronouns, Culture, and Middle Name are now added to the client following client endpoints to interact with these fields via the API.

🖥️ coreplus Developer Website documentation now contains all newly publicly available endpoints and its associated documentation

For add-on developers working with the coreplus API, the Developer Website API documentation is now updated to reflect the expanded API Permissions so that your add-on can leverage the full scope of API functionality. Check it out here.

✔️ Tip of the week

Did you know you could become a coreplus pro? Yes, you read it right! Exciting isn't it? We now have a free weekly online training session open to all coreplus customers which starts from Tuesday 22nd of June from 1 pm - 2 pm AEST (and every Tuesday going forward!) Bookings are limited, so hurry and book yourself in by clicking here.

In this Live Stream, Yianni Serpanos, Dr. Justin Gooding, Dr. Simon Corrie, Dr. Kaylyn Leung, and Robert Crowder talk about achieving the vision of Personalised Medicine. Since the advent of the continuous glucose monitor, everyone has been looking to the next big problem areas that BioSensing can solve. BioSensing promises to unlock a new era of healthcare where different molecular targets and markers can be tracked anywhere and at anytime. Come along on June 15th, 10 am AEST, and be a part of the conversation by engaging with the live stream!

Tax Planning is a proactive process to implement in your healthcare business using legal strategies to reduce your tax bill. Check out the latest blog by Ben Walker, Author, Award-Winning Chartered Accountant and Founder of Inspire - Life-Changing Accountants, as he takes you through the overview of the process of Tax Planning.

📹New Video!

You’re working with a client and then realize you need to get a team mate involved or possibly another healthcare professional outside your organization…how can you do simply, easily and in a privacy first approach? In this episode, Yianni & Luke talk about private, secure & collaborative healthcare communication between healthcare professionals within an organization and across different points of care. Luke Fletcher is the Co-founder and CEO of Foxo, a digital health communication platform that facilitates communication between healthcare teams and organisations in a clinically safe, secure and seamless way.

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