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Weekly Newsletter #32 - 8th February 2021
Weekly Newsletter #32 - 8th February 2021

Our weekly update for everything that happened last week

Updated over a week ago

Bringing you a wrap up of product development, improvements, new features, updates and more.

Let's get into it.

πŸ› Date format in DVA claims now fixed

A bug has been fixed that previously displayed an incorrect date format for the date submitted in DVA claims. This now displays DD/MM/YYYY instead of MM/DD/YYYY.

πŸ˜€ Update to the services column on the clients invoicing page

The item number of the service type is now displayed in the services column on the clients invoicing screen instead of just a description. This is so that users can easily determine which item codes have been claimed for a client without having to open all their invoices and check.

πŸ˜€ Auto population of clients email address when processing a manual Pin Payment

For admin staff who are wanting to automatically email their clients' payments when processing a manual Pin Payment, you are now able to do this through the client's email address auto-population. This is so that you will not have to type it each time you want to send their payment details. Want to facilitate an instant payment for your practice? Know more about our online payment solution here.

πŸ˜€ Update to the booking form of the client portal

Great news! Clients are now able to enter their medicare information in the booking form of the client portal, so that admin staff can have it before their appointment. Need to have an online booking portal for your clients to easily book in? Enable our Client Portal by coreplus here.

πŸ˜€ Update to Client's medicare information from the Client Portal

The client's Medicare information from the booking form is now directly captured in the client details of the overview page so that this information is easily accessible.

πŸ˜€ Suburbs listings updated

Aintree, 3336; Bonnie Brook, 3335; Cobble bank, 3338; Deanside, 3335; Fieldstone, 3024; Grangefields, 3335; Harkness, 3337; Strathtulloh, 3338; Thornhill Park, 3335; Weir Views, 3338 are now added to the list of suburbs to be used in client files.

πŸ˜€ Upgrade to Telehealth by coreplus user interface

For practitioners that use Telehealth by coreplus, you are now able to set the background colour of your Telehealth session to dark or light and upload your company brand so that your clients can see it when they are on a call with you. Want to experience a high quality and APP compliant online healthcare practice? Enable your Telehealth by coreplus now!

πŸ“šMastery Series - ph360 Education

The series is designed to help allied health professionals obtain vocational training on integrating Healthtech and professional development to provide personalised healthcare to clients taking into consideration the clients unique physiology, biology and behavioural predispositions to optimize outcomes.

coreplus subscribers get a special rate when booking the Mastery Series by clicking "Get Started Now" at the ph360 Mastery Series course information & registration link:

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