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Weekly Newsletter #31 - 1st February 2021
Weekly Newsletter #31 - 1st February 2021

Our weekly update for everything that happened last week

Updated over a week ago

Bringing you a wrap up of product development, improvements, new features, updates and more.

Let's get into it.

πŸš€ New! Telehealth by coreplus

We are super excited to announce our newest feature - Telehealth by coreplus! It is our native digital healthcare solution that gives you all your telehealth needs and designed to deliver a high quality, APP compliant, secure and simple experience for both the practitioner and client.

Read about the release here or get started now! coreplus customers get to enjoy it for free until March 2021!

πŸ“šMastery Series - ph360 Education

The series is designed to help allied health professionals obtain vocational training on integrating healthtech and professional development to provide personalised healthcare to clients taking into consideration the clients unique physiology, biology and behavioral predispositions to optimize outcomes.

coreplus subscribers get a special rate when booking the Mastery Series by clicking "Get Started Now" at the ph360 Mastery Series course information & registration link:

πŸ“Ή New Video!

What is the future of Digital Mental Health? What role could AI or Machine Learning play to augment, enhance & support the journey toward healthcare goals?

Dr Qusai Hussain is the Founder and CEO of Cyber Clinic, an online mental healthcare clinic providing quality therapeutic matching, online video consultations and measurement supporting outcomes anywhere, anytime.

Yianni Serpanos is our passionate digital health innovator, Founder of & Founder of HealthTechX a digital health innovation community and host of the Reimagining Healthcare podcast (Available to listen here):

In this video, Dr. Qusai Hussain discusses with Yianni about his plans and vision of the future development of Cyber Clinic and his idea of how technology can give practitioners a fantastic revolution and opportunity for mental heath therapy.

Watch the full episode using the link at the end of this video.


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