If I delete an invoice from coreplus after it has synced to Xero, will it automatically be deleted within Xero as well?

No, it will not. The corresponding invoice in Xero will need to be deleted through your Xero account separately.

I have invoices in coreplus from past dates that I can't find in Xero, is there something I can do?

Yes! You can get in contact with us as we're able to initiate a manual sync from previous dates for your account. 

💡 Any existing invoices inside Xero will not be duplicated after the manual sync

If I make any changes to an invoice inside coreplus after it has synced across to Xero, are these modifications also pushed over to Xero?

Modifying a coreplus invoice after it has synced will not have any influence on the relevant Xero invoice.

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