Uploading documents and files into your client's file allows you to keep your desk free of paper and all client data securely stored in one place.

This article includes:

1. How to upload a file to a clients file

2. What can I do with an uploaded file?

3. Other options for files

💡 coreplus supports the following file types:

How to upload a file to a clients file

1. From the Client List, select the client you wish to upload files into

2. Click on Files

Option 1) Drag and drop

1. Select one or more files and drag them into the files section

Option 2) Click to upload

1. Click on Upload

2. Select the file, then click Open

What can I do with an uploaded file?

Organise into folders

1. Click on New Folder to add a folder within the files section

2. Enter the name, then click OK to save

Assign a file to an appointment

1. Right-click on a file and select Assign to

2. Find the appointment, set the association type, then click the + symbol

Other options for files

Download, preview, move to, rename, attach file to email, assign to an appointment, or delete a file

1. Right-click on a file or folder to be presented with options specific to the file type.

💡 Only image files and PDF documents can be previewed. You will need to download to view other file types.

💡 You can select multiple files by pressing CTRL or Command on the keyboard while clicking on the files.

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