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Personal Files user interface and functionality!
Personal Files user interface and functionality!

Check out the new way to upload and organise your personal files

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Personal Files

We are excited to announce the new Personal Files interface and functionality. Much like the new Shared Files update, you can now drag and drop files straight into your personal files, create folders to organise your files, search with the search bar, and sort your files by date modified. The interface update has been applied to both Personal and Shared files, with the final application of the interface being applied to Client Files in the near future.

💡 Files scanned from documents can't be uploaded directly into coreplus due to security reasons. You'll have to remove the HTML attachment and separately save the file as a PDF on your device by opening it, right-clicking on it, and selecting Print > Save as PDF.

New user interface and drag & drop functionality

Drag and drop
Easily drag and drop your files straight from your desktop or file browser straight into coreplus

Create folders to organise your files to keep it tidy


File options
Rename, download, preview, email, move, or delete a file

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