Upload and organise your files and folders to either shared files, or personal files
Everyone in your account will have access to shared files. Whereas, personal files can only be accessed from your login.

💡 The shared files option will only appear if you've got more than one user on your account.


Uploading files

There are two ways to upload a file; Dragging and dropping files into the file browser, or by uploading via the file explorer. 


Drag and drop

  1. Select one or more files and drag them into the files section


Click to upload

1. Click on Upload

2. Select the file, then click Open


What can I do with an uploaded file


Organise into folders

1. Click on New Folder to add a folder within the files section

2. Enter the name, then click
OK to save


Rename, download, preview, email, move or delete a file

Right click on a file or folder to be presented with options specific to the file type.

💡 Only image files and PDF documents can be previewed. You will need to download to view other file types.

💡 You can select multiple files by pressing CTRL or Command on the keyboard while clicking on the files.

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