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What to do with a secure message
What to do with a secure message

View details, editing and viewing attachment, assign and finalise a secure message

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You have received your first secure message and aren't sure what to do with it. Each secure message is an opportunity to connect to a new client, referrer, ensure the continuity of care of an existing client and so much more.

To be able to execute any of this, understanding the contents of a secure message, how to view and edit an attachment and what action to take with the message itself enables you to master secure messaging and your secure messaging inbox. 

This article includes:

View message details

If the client already exists in coreplus, the system will match up the message to the client's file. However, if the new message looks a little like the one below, you might need to expand out the message details, or the 'raw data' of the message to see who the message belongs to. To expand the message details, click on arrow next to the message status.

Assign a client 

To manually assign the message to a client, click into the Client Name field, this will drop down your client list to choose from or you can type in the name.

💡 If the message is for a new client, you will need to create a client file before assigning the message

💡 Update Details will update and allow you to continue working on the current message, Update and Back will update the message and take you back to the Secure Message Inbox

Editing and viewing the attached document

By default, the attached file name will come into your secure inbox with a string of numbers and letters. You can rename the attachment to your preferred naming convention 

1. Click on the pencil icon to edit the file name.

2. Rename the file and click the tick button to apply the change.

Preview attachment

If the attachment was sent as a PDF, clicking the preview icon will allow you to view the attachment without having to save the file first. 

In Actions, click on the eye icon to preview the document. 

To download the attachment to your computer, click on the download button. This option is available for any file type.

Finalise a secure message 

A secure message can be marked as completed or archived to clear out your inbox. Messages will remain assigned to a client's file and you can keyword search your secure message inbox when you need. You can assign as much or as little detail to your secure messages as you like. 

To finalise a secure message, click Mark As Completed in the top right-hand corner. 

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