Batch invoice payment allows you to apply a single payment to multiple invoices of different clients. Perfect for when you need to apply payments to a batch payment from an insurer or third party, or if you're writing off a bad debt. 

In this article we will discuss:

1. Navigate to batch Jobs

2 Batch invoices for multiple clients

🛑 Make sure you have an invoice template, provider number, service type, appointment types, and client groups added before you create your first batch invoice(s).

💡 This feature only brings up billable appointments

💡 The generated payment can be found within the individual client files

Navigate to batch Jobs

1. Navigate to the Dashboard

2. Scroll to Data

3. Run your cursor to Batch Jobs

Batch invoices for multiple clients    

1. Click on Data then Batch Jobs and click on Batch Invoice Payment

2. Set the filters to refine the invoices, then click on List Invoices and select the invoices

3. Click Next, enter the payment information, then click Next again and finally Complete to finalise the payment

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Did this answer your question?