Extract a data backup on a Mac

Due to the in-built zip software on OSX not supporting full 256bit encryption protocols we have decided to suggest the use of iZip so that your client information can be subjected to the highest level of encryption and security available.


The following guide covers how to use this third-party software to extract your coreplus data backup successfully.

Backing up you data is a simple process and can done in a few minutes. The data is exported in a CSV (comma-separated values) format which is very easy and accessible for users to use. The steps below will guide you on how to back up your data.
  • Please note, the option to export your data will not be available unless you have subscribed to coreplus.
  • The backing up of data can only be done by a supervisor.
  • For Mac users, a recommended file extraction software is iZip.

 Step 1 - Select 'Settings'


Step 2 - Select 'Data Backup'


Step 3 - Click 'Run New Backup'



  • You will now be presented with a screen like the one above. This screen details all previous backups, and their basic information.
  • To create a new backup click 'Run New Backup'

Step 4 - Select the data you wish to backup. then click 'Save Backup'



  • Once 'Run New Backup' has been selected, the above screen will be presented.
  • Simply enter the phone number you would like the password to be sent to (Please ensure the password you enter is your own)
  • Select which data you would like to backup.
  • Once you have entered the mobile number and selected which data you would like to backup, you can finish by clicking 'Save Backup'

Download and install iZip

Step 1 - Download iZip

Download the program from http://www.izip.com/ and select the 'DOWNLOAD FREE' button. - Alternatively, iZip is available via the App Store on newer devices.


Step 2 - Install iZip

Click on the izip.dng file from the Downloads folder and drag the iZip icon into the Applications folder when prompted. 


Extracting the Backup

Step 1 - Navigate to 'Personal Files'


Step 2 - Select the data backup file



Step 3 - Open iZip by running it from the applications folder


Step 4 - Select 'Open Other'


Step 5 - Select the data backup file from the 'Downloads' folder


Step 6 - Select 'Load Internally'


Step 7 - Enter the password which should have been sent out via a SMS

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