Process a Health Fund Claim with Tyro

Important – Our Tyro add-on is in the Early Access phase. We are seeking feedback before making it publicly available. If you would like to participate in the Early Access stage, please contact us today.


Please note: you will need to have paired your Tyro terminal with coreplus in order to be able to process Health Fund Claims claims. 


Step 1 - Press the 'Payment\Auto-Assign' button to record a payment on an invoice

This is the same as recording payments on standard invoices


Please note: a valid provider number must be selected on the invoice in order for the claim to be processed successfully


Step 2 - Enter the amount paid, select 'Private Health Claim' as the 'Payment Method', then press 'OK'


Step 3 - Enter the Patient ID and other relevant information from the pop-up that appears, then press 'OK'


Step 4 - Process the claim with your Tyro Terminal

After pressing 'OK' from the screen in Step 3, a screen similar to the above should appear. At this point, process the claim with your Tyro Terminal and the client's card.

All going well, you should receive a pop-up similar to the below. Press 'Accept' to complete the claim



Step 5 - Transaction Complete!

The above pop-up should now appear, summarising the outcome of the transaction. Simply press the 'close' button


Step 6 - Press 'Update invoice' or 'Save invoice'


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