Reverse or Refund an EFTPOS Payment

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Please note: This action can only be performed on an invoice where a Tyro EFTPOS payment has been previously taken. 


What is the difference between a refund and reversal?

The process of applying a refund or reversal is very similar, however the end result is different.

  • When a refund is applied, the amount owing will remain as '$0' and a 'refund' will be recorded in the payment history. In other words, the client does not owe any further payment on the invoice.
  • When a reversal is applied, the amount owing on the invoice will change to reflect the amount reversed. In other words, the invoice will be owing an amount after the reversal is processed.


Step 1 - Open the relevant invoice


This is done by either clicking on the relevant invoice number, or by selecting 'Actions' and 'Edit'


Step 2 - Press either of the '$' or 'Payment\Auto Assign' buttons


  • Press the '$' button to refund/reverse that service item only. 
  • Press the 'Payment\Auto-assign' button to apply a refund/reversal across the entire invoice


Step 3 - Choose either of 'Refund' or Reversal'


If you have selected the '$' button in Step 2, simply press the 'refund' or 'reversal' option along side the relevant payment (pictured above).

*The entirety of that payment will be refunded/reversed.


If you have selected the 'Payment\Auto-assign' in Step 2:

  1. Select either of 'EFTPOS Refund' or 'EFTPOS Reversal' from the 'Payment Method' drop-down list
  2. Press 'OK'


Step 4 - Process the refund/reversal

Following step 3, a Tyro screen similar to the above should appear. At this stage, you should be able to follow the prompts on your Tyro terminal to process the refund/reversal


Step 5 - Transaction complete!

All going well, a screen similar to the above should appear. Simply select either 'Yes' or 'No' to complete the transcation


Step 6 - Select 'Update Invoice'







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