Take an EFTPOS Payment

Important – Our Tyro add-on is in the Early Access phase. We are seeking feedback before making it publicly available. If you would like to participate in the Early Access stage, please contact us today.


Please note: you will need to have paired your Tyro terminal with coreplus in order to be able to take EFTPOS payments. 


Step 1 - Press the '$' symbol to record a payment on an invoice

This is the same as recording payments on standard invoices


Step 2 - Enter the amount paid, select 'EFTPOS Payment' as the 'Payment Method', then press 'OK'


Step 3 - Process the transaction with your Tyro Terminal

After pressing 'OK' at the end of step 2, the above screen should appear. At this stage, process the payment with the client's card and your Tyro terminal


Step 4 - Transaction is complete!

All going well, you will receive an 'Approved' status after processing the payment (pictured above). Simply select the relevant option to complete the payment


Step 5 - Select 'Save' or 'Update' invoice


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