What are the Differences in 'Multiple Recipient' mode?

After switching to 'Multiple Recipient' mode in the letter writer, you may notice a few of the features work a little differently. A summary of these differences can be found below:


After selecting a template, letter variables are not populated

As pictured above, when generating a letter for multiple recipients the variables within the letter will not be populated. This is because they may be populated with different information, based on which recipient the letter is for. These will be dynamically populated for each letter once they are saved, printed or saved as pdf's.  


When the letters are saved, each will saved with 'Client Files'


The letter for each recipient will be saved within 'Client files'. Each file name will have the name of the saved letter with the recipient's name appended


Emailing as attachments is not available

When in multiple recipient mode the option to 'Send as email' is deactivated. This is because it is not possible to simultaneously generate a separate email with a separate attachment for each recipient. 



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