New Letter Writer Updates: Margins, Headers, Footers, A4 preview, and more! - March 2015

We've received some great feedback from the community over the last few months after the initial release of the new Letter Writer. We've taken all your ideas on board and have rolled out several updates and additions.



Margins can now be defined for your letters, so that they will print exactly where needed on the page. Perfect for pre-printed letterheads.


Headers and Footers

You are now able to setup a header and footer for all your templates. The text and images you place within the header and footer will appear on every page that is printed.


Page Numbering

Page numbers can now be activated on your letters!



A4 Preview

A button is now available that allows you to preview your letters prior to printing or saving them. This will let you get a great idea of how your final letter will look. The letter editor section has also been re-sized so that it displays with A4 dimensions by default.


Insert Case Notes

When generating letters in client files, there is now a 'Case notes' option available in the 'Insert information' drop-down list. This lets you choose which case notes to insert directly into the letter you are generating. 


Current Date and Time

There are now options for 'Current date' and 'Current time' in the 'Insert information' drop-down list. You can place these options into your templates, so that when you generate a letter it will automatically have today's date and time inserted.



Multiple Recipient Mode!

You are now able to generate letters for multiple recipients, all from one template! For more information on how this is done please click here.




Andreas Papastergiadis -

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