URL updates to coreplus - December 2014

A minor change to the user interface of coreplus has been implemented. A new button has been added to the Dashboard to facilitate switching between the new and old versions of coreplus. From today all users will be automatically directed to the latest version of coreplus, using the new button will allow users to return to the previous version for a limited period of time. 

Note: From the 1st of March, 2015 the previous version of coreplus will no longer be available and the button will be removed. The changes are in relation to how coreplus looks and will not affect any data stored within your account.

What has changed? 

When logging in from the coreplus website users will now be directed to the URL below:

How do I know which verison of coreplus I am using?

Under your user name on the dashboard a message will appear with a link attached. If you are logged into a previous version of coreplus you will see the message below which has the option to switch to the new version.

If you are logged into the new version you will see the message below which has the option to switch to the previous version.


When switching between the new and previous versions of coreplus, you may notice that the URL for the previous version has changed (see below).

If you have been logging into coreplus using a bookmark saved on your browser, it will need to be updated. 

For more information please contact support

Andreas Papastergiadis -

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