User Interface updates to the new version of coreplus - November 2014

We will be rolling out a few minor changes to the user interface on our BETA version of coreplus. These changes may affect current workflows on how you use the system. To find out what will change and if you will be affected, please read below.

When will this occur?

We will be rolling out the changes at 6:30am AEDT on Sunday the 2nd of November. While we do not expect any major outages, if you do use the BETA version at this time, you may be unable to use the system and may also encounter slow response times for up to 5 minutes.

Will I be affected?

If you login to coreplus using the URL you will see some changes to the interface in this roll out. To find the URL, please see the image below.

What will be changing? 

Firstly there will be a couple changes to the layout of the left hand side toolbar. For example, the Setup tab has changed and the 'Account Details' button is back.

  1. The 'Account Details' button can be found back on the Dashboard. This will work as it did previously, allowing you to manage your users and Account.
  2. 'Sites' and 'Service Types' have moved into the 'Settings' page and can now be found by clicking on 'Settings', under the 'Administration' section.
  3. Permissions and Client sharing are now also contained within the Settings section 

Secondly, under the Communication tab, you should now see an option to navigate to your 'Secure Inbox' for secure messaging. 

Secure Messaging will allow your business to receive 'secure' or 'encrypted' messages from providers such as HealthLink and Argus. You'll need to set this up to start receiving secure messages. In order to sign up, select 'Settings' from the coreplus dashboard, then 'Secure Messaging'.


For more information on this please contact support.


Andreas Papastergiadis -

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