Assign details to a message within the Secure Inbox

How to find the secure inbox


Step 1 - Hover over 'Communication' from the Dashboard

Step 2 - Select 'Secure Inbox' 


General Overview

Filtering the Inbox

  1. Message State: This option will filter all messages in the inbox by their status. For example; new, or completed.
  2. Assigned Practitioner: This will filter the messages in the inbox by the practitioner that they have been assigned to.


Assigning Details To A Secured Message

  1. Set Client: This will assign a client's name and details to the selected message.
  2. Set Practitioner: This will assign a practitioner's details to the message.
  3. Complete: This will allow you to save the letter into the 'client files' section of the assigned client. Once the message is marked off as complete, it will be moved to the completed section of the inbox, where it can be found by filtering the inbox by completed messages. 
  4. Rename: This will allow you to change the document name of the selected message.
  5. Delete: This will delete the selected message from the secure inbox.


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