Email Contacts

Step 1 - Click on Communication


Step 2 - Send Email

Step 3 - Select 'Contacts'

Step 4 - Select the user

  • Family - Family members added to client files can be used as contacts. For information on adding family members, please click here
  • Referrer - Referrers recorded in your coreplus organisation. For more information on adding referrers, please click here.
  • Treater - If a treater is added to a client, their email address can be added into the email. For more information on treaters, please click here.
  • Calendar - Search the calendar for clients with appointments on various days. Entering a date or clicking 'Today' will populate a date that you wish to search for and will show clients and their relevant contact details 
  • Other - Allows you to add a contact that is not part of the previous sections, but may be used often. See more information on this below

Using the 'Other' contact tab

Step 1 - Select the 'Other' tab

Step 2 - Click on the plus icon to add a new contact (1)

  • To edit a contact, select a user and click on the edit icon (2)
  • To delete a contact, select a user and click on the delete icon (3)

Step 3 - Enter the details, and click 'Submit' 

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