Injury/Illness - Create Body Charts

When adding or editing an injury/illness you are able to add a chart to record further details with various visual aids. You can upload an image of your choice and utilise various drawing tools as desired.
Please note: you can only have one chart per injury/illness. 

Step 1 - Add a new Injury/Illness or edit an existing one

Step 2 - Scroll down to the charting section of the injury/illness

This section allows you to upload an image of your choice and add illustrations and text as desired. Each available tool is described below. 

Add Text

Text labels can be added to the image as follows: 
1. Enter the desired text into the text area
2. Press the 'Add Text' button
After doing the above the text should appear on the image. You can then manipulate it in a few different ways:
• 'Clicking and dragging' on the centre of the text allows you to move the text around
• 'Clicking and dragging' on the corners or edges of the text allow you to re-size it
• 'Clicking and dragging' on the square above the text box allows you to rotate the text

Delete All

This button deletes all text and drawing that you have just added to the chart and have not yet saved. Any drawing that has been saved to the chart previously will not be removed when this button is pressed. 

Delete Selected Item

This button deletes only the current item you have selected on the chart. First, click on the item you'd like to remove and then simply click on this button.

Start New Chart

This button clears the chart entirely. It will remove all drawing and labels you have just added as well as anything that has been saved during previous edits.

'Choose File'

This button allows you to upload any image from your local computer into the injury/illness that you are currently adding or editing. The chart image will only change for this specific injury/illness and will not change for other client files. This will override the previous chart image.

Enter Drawing Mode

This function allows you to draw on the chart itself. Pressing this button will show a few additional options as pictured below.

Using Drawing Mode

After entering drawing mode, you can essentially draw in any way you wish on the chart by clicking and dragging on the screen. Some extra options appear alongside the chart while in drawing mode:

Cancel drawing mode: Click on this button in order to exit drawing mode. 
Line Width: This alters the thickness/width of the lines that you draw on the chart
Line Color: This allows you to change the colour of the lines that you draw on the chart

Final Step - Save or Update

Once you have finished charting, ensure to press 'Save' or 'Update' at the top of the injury/illness screen or your changes will be lost!

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