Medicare Bulk Bill reports


What is this report?
Every day Medicare sends out a report of the previous days bulk bill claims which includes basic information such as amount paid. This report can be used to see which claims were paid, which ones were not and why they were not.

How can this report be accessed?
This report is emailed out to a pre-defined email address which can be inputted from the 'Medicare Online coreplus Claiming Defaults' screen. It is important to note that if no claims were submitted the previous day no report will be emailed out.

Please note: it is recommend that the emailed bulk bill reports are directed to your internal coreplus email address (e.g. ''). This keeps the emails and data within the coreplus system and makes them easier to access (for example, you'll receive notifications on your dashboard when you receive the email). Instruction on how to access your coreplus inbox can be found here.

What other reports can i run for bulk Bills?


The above is an example of the report that is emailed out to clients. It contains basic information such as the patient name, the invoice number and the amount paid etc. If claims are displayed in red, it can mean one of two things:

  • The claim amount is different from the benefit amount. For example, a practitioner claims $100 for a service item, but Medicare's benefit amount only pays $80. Medicare will pay the $80 and leave the $20 difference. When this happens the claim will be displayed in red.
  • An issue occurred on Medicare's side of things. If nothing at all was paid on the claim and it is marked in red, Medicare generally have to be contacted.

Rejected claims

Under the 'Claim ID' header on the Medicare report, there can be one of two things; a code referring to the claim or a response as to why the claim did not go through successfully. Click here to view a glossary of the possible responses that may come through (Please note, there are more responses than the ones below). If you find you need to re-submit the claim, click here to view a Help Centre lesson on how to do this.


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