How many site certificates do I need?

Medicare and coreplus only require one site certificate per practice to allow for online claiming. For example a business may have ten psychologists working from 3 locations, however only one site certificate needs to be uploaded into coreplus to allow for Medicare Online Claiming.

Information on how you site certificate can be uploaded, can be found here.

Luke Darmanin -

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    Shannon Morton

    Could you please confirm the site certificate situation when a practice has multiple locations?

    Does each location need its own site certificate?

    As I understand it, practitioners need a provider number for each location, and provider numbers need to be registered against a site certificate for claiming?

    Is it even possible to register two provider numbers for the same provider against the same site certificate?

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    Daniela Bozinoski

    Hi Shannon,

    Thank you for your post.

    You only require one site certificate regardless of how many location or therapist are working at your clinic.

    All provider numbers for all therapist claiming need to be registered with your site certificate.

    This means you can have one therapist with 10 provider numbers registered to the same site certificate.

    I hope this answers all your questions.

    You can always contact Medicare directly if you have specific questions about how your practice runs. There contact number is 1800 700 199