How do I identify my 'file type' for Images?


How to identify a file type


  • On your desktop, find the file you are wanting to upload and right click it.
  • This will bring down a list with many options. From the list click properties.
  • This should bring forward a box with numerous information regarding the file you selected. There should be a section called 'Type of File'. This section tells the user what type of file they are uploading. As with the above example, the file type is JPG(one of the accepted file type), so the file will be accepted by the system.
  • If the file containing your image is not an accepted type(JPG / PNG / BMP / GIF), please see the section below 'If your file type is not accepted' for instructions on how you can still use the image.

If your file type is not accepted

Many users will have the image they want to upload in an unacceptable file. In this event the following steps can be taken in an effort to still upload the image.

  • Obtain a print screen of the image you would like to upload and paste it into Paint. Steps on how to do this can be found here.
  • With the image now in Paint, resize or edit it as you would like. Remember to remove any white space that may be residing around the image.
  • Save the image as a JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF to your computer.
  • You can now upload this image that is of the correct file type to coreplus.

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