Apply a credit to an invoice

This process will show you how to apply an overpayment/credit to an invoice, which you can then use as a credit on any future invoices created in the clients account.

Step 1


  • Navigate to Clients File / Invoicing
  • Select the invoice you wish to apply the credit to. NOTE: If you do not have an existing invoice, you will need to save a new invoice first, then edit the invoice to apply a credit

Step 2


  • To apply a credit to the invoice, select the '$' symbol next to the service type or the 'Auto Assign' button.

Step 3


  • You will be directed to a 'Receive Payment' screen. You need to select the 'Raise Credit/Refund' button

Step 4


  • Now enter the 'Refund/Credit Amount $' which is the amount you are going to credit on to the account
  • Then select 'Account Credit' located in the 'Refund/Credit Payment Method' drop down list. NOTE: You can also select Direct Credit, Insurer Credit & Invoice Credit to apply a credit on an account
  • Select OK to continue and save the invoice by clicking 'Update Invoice'

Step 5


  • Once you have saved the invoice, you will need to navigate back to the invoice by 'editing' the invoice
  • Back in the invoice, you can now select the '$' symbol next to the service type or the 'Auto Assign' button. You will notice an 'Available credits' option with the amount you applied
  • To apply a payment to this invoice using credit amount you applied, select the tick box next to Available credits and he 'Amount Paid$' will equal the total sum of the invoice.
  • The Payment Method will automatically change to 'Account Credit' so the amount paid is debited from the account credit
  • When your done click 'ok'

Step 6


  • Once the credit is applied, the invoice will show the correct paid amount and the owing amount
  • Now you can save the invoice, print a copy and give it to the client

Step 7


  • Going forward, when you create a new invoice for this same client, if you select the '$' symbol next to the service type or the 'Auto Assign' button, the Available Credits will appear in the 'Recieve Payment' screen (as shown above) so you can apply the credit to any future invoices

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